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Dolphin held in a Japanese aquarium raises great concerns online

by Cameron Paris September 03, 2018

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Animal rights groups in Japan are extremely concerned about the marine animals living at the Inubosaki Marine Park, located in the municipality of Choshi, just east of Tokyo. The amusement park shut down earlier this year due to lack of visitors, but numerous animals are still trapped inside, as park officials have failed to transfer the creatures to a more suitable facility. A dolphin known as Honey, 46 penguins and hundreds of fish and reptiles are on lock down mode at the above-mentioned facility.


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Park staff continue to feed the marine life at the aquarium, but their life is far from being a good one.


Honey – a dolphin taking from the oceans in a controversial whale hunt and brought to the facility in 2005 – is now completely lonely and, according to Sachiko Azuma, the founder of the PEACE animal welfare group, is starting to show visible signs of mental fatigue.


Living in a tiny pool deeply affects the health of these mammals – Azuma stated.


PEACE has called upon all concerned citizens to send letters to the municipality, urging them to release the marine animals as soon as possible. According to CNN, over 1, 500 letters have been sent out thus far. But the local authorities have yet to come forward and comment on this matter.


According to the Chiba Prefecture hygiene control division, the dolphin and 46 penguins are live and in good condition, while the number of other fish has halved over the past six months.


Many netizens took to social media to condemn the marine park’s lack of action in this situation and demanded the immediate release of Honey and the remaining penguins and fish.

Honey has been held at the aquarium for years
She now spends her days alone, in a tiny tank

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