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Fancy a Safari in Africa? Here are your top 3 destinations

by Eddie Emerson September 03, 2018

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Fancy a Safari in Africa? Here are your top 3 destinations
With so many wildlife parks to choose from, opting for the best safari experience in Africa can prove extremely challenging. Here are our top three options, hopefully you will be able to choose what the best destination according to your interests.
Serengeti National Park, Tanzania
This wildlife park is a prestine area filled with savannah, acacia and spectacular roving herds. The Serengeti is setting for the Great Migration (which usually takes place between June to July and from January to February), regarded as the ultimate wildlife spectacle on this planet, with over two million animals chasing the rain.
What to look out for
First time: You might want to start your trip at the Ngorongoro Crater, where the Big Five (lion, elephant, buffalo, rhino and leopard) are visible early in the day during a relatively short drive; then you can enjoy the rest of Serengeti wildlife park and regard everything else a bonus
For Old Timers: Perhaps you should head over the less visited parts of the park, such as the Namiri Plains near the Grumeti River.
Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe
Hwange National Park is, without any shadow of a doubt, an underrated destination in Africa. But those who have opted to visit it have been thrilled with the experience.
The park has over 100 species of mammals and is the biggest concentration of big land animals anywhere on Earth; sadly, the park receives very few tourists.
What to look out for
First time: Your best bet would be to stay near the Lake Kariba for a fantastic accomodation; also opt for an introductory safari at the nearby Zambezi National Park to get a glimpse of the numerous elephants, giraffes, hippos, crocodilles or even lions, all very close to the legendary and breathtaking Victoria’s falls. How is that for your bucket list?
For Old Timers: You can opt to visit the Mana Pools National Park, for an incredible experience: you can go bird watching, canoeing or do numerous walking activities that give you a substantial burst of adrenaline, even if you are an experienced thrill-seeker!
Kruger National Park, South Africa
The Kruger National Park is huge and we are not mincing words! It is about the same size as Wales and is so big you will definitely find something to enjoy inside.
Kruger boasts a very good network of roads, which makes your stay and experience even more pleasant. All the areas are very easy to access, even with a bike or motorcycle.
What to look out for
First time: If you are traveling on your own, renting a vehicle is the cheapest and best way to experience the beauty of the Kruger National Park. The best wildlife viewing experience is just one wheel away!
For Old Timers: If you are looking for some terrific cheetah sightseeings, be sure to check out the Phinda Private Game Reserve in KwaZulu-Natal; you will also come across black and white rhinos (a truly rare sight!) as well as other 400 species of animals.

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Serengeti National Park, Tanzania
Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe
Sunset at the Kruger National Park, South Africa

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