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Man Swims The Entire English Channel – And Finds A Lot Of Plastic!

by Patricia Nunn September 03, 2018

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Record-breaking endurance swimmer Lewis Pugh has recently managed to cross the English Channel in an epic show of force. During his 49-day swim, Pugh was baffled to notice only a few fish on the way, while all the beaches he stumbled upon were filled with plastic debris washed up by the waves. This should be a warning to all those skeptics out there who are under the impression that our Planet does not need saving. Important lesson: just because we don’t see the mountains of plastic, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist!


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The Telegraph reports that Pugh’s epic 348 mile (560 km) journey started on July 12th in Cornwall to Dover and ended on August 29th; he was on a mission to raise awareness on the current state of our oceans and draw attention of the need for efforts to combat climate change. The 48-year-old Brit would swim between two and six miles each day and sleep on average less than 4 hours a day.


Pugh’s conclusions seems to be in line with the warnings issued by dozens of scientists that there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans by 2020.


Simply put, the fish had been replaced by plastic. Once those fish eat the microplastics, they enter the food chain and we end up eating them as well. In other words, we seem to live in a world of plastic!


Upon completing his journey, Pugh isssued a stark warning that the real work actually begins now and called for the governments all over the world to start caring about the environment. Pugh hopes that at least 30 per cent of the oceans will be under strict protection until 2030. As things stand right now, only a mere 4 per cent of the world’s oceans are protected.

Sadly, our oceans are filled with plastic
Lewis Pugh is calling for raised awareness on this issue as soon as possible
He claims that each beach he swam by was filled with plastic rubbish

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