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The moment lost leopard cub reunites with mama has been caught on camera!

by Marinda Alley September 03, 2018

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A 13-week old male leopard cub was separated by his mother and later discovered in a small village in Parner, Maharashtra, in India. After a thorough examination by Wildlife SOS senior veterinarian, dr. Ajay Deshmukh, the team carefully planned for the cub to be reunited with his mother.


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The footage of how the team actually achieved this has been posted online – it is absolutely delightful and we encourage everyone to view it! The video starts off with rescuers gently placing the cub in a crate and adding another one on top as an extra measure of protection; the video continues with the mother trying to figure out the way to release her baby from the crate without injuring him; her determination finally pays off as she proceeds to pull the crates altogether and you can immediately see the baby surface from the enclosure. We surely cheered and giggled, hope you did too!


Wildlife SOS Conservation and Care Center is a non-profit organization in Northern India dedicated to looking after wildlife; they are doing an amazing job on a daily basis and deserve our full appreciation.



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