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This Indian orphanage takes in baby wild animals – and taking so good care of them!

by Zak Lipscomb September 03, 2018

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This story is simply heartwarming and the job of all the staff at the Centre for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation (CWRC) is nothing short of amazing. The facility, located in Kaziranga, India is on a mission to rescue as many wild animals as possible.


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CWRC is currently home to seven rhinos, four baby elephants and four leopard, all rescued orphans. Other animals – such as deer, tigers or snakes – have come and gone at the facility, all of them extremely grateful to the staff for making their stay extremely pleasant.


When the Brahmaputra river starts to flood, staff at the CWRC are on high alert, because this the time of the year when they get the most cases, since the water engulfs the wetlands that make up much of the region. During this period, these amazing people work virtually round the clock to save the animals in distress. Their home is the wild, and their babies are these precious animals.


As soon as it is safe, the animals are returned to their natural environment; during their time at the center, they are carefully examined by vets on a regular basis, receive plenty of food and water, as well as a clean, nice enclosure.


According to staff, the highest recognition in their careers was when Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton visited the center a few years ago; the Royal couple did not miss the opportunity to snap a few photos while feeding a group of baby elephants and rhinos.


The work put in at this facility is tremendous and all the people involved deserve our supreme appreciation and congtratulations.

When the rainy seasons starts, volunteers and veterinarians are always ready to intervene
A recent leopard rescued by CWRC personnel
It's feeding time for these adorable baby rhinos
This baby elephant is so happy to have been rescued

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