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Yellowstone Grizzly Bears Are Safe From Hunters – For Now

by Veronica Maples September 03, 2018

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Yellowstone National Park is one of the most important wildlife attractions in the United States, known – among others – for its majestic display of the iconic grizzly bears.


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Sadly, history has shown that humans are unable to leave these beautiful creatures alone. As a result of human intervention that resulted in massive hunting episodes these adored animals have been listed as endangered. In 1975, the total number of grizzlies living in the Yellowstone area was only 136, a ridiculously low number.


Amid increased protection, their population has managed to slowly regenerate. Sadly, the authories have opted to throw all these efforts down the drain: the US Fish and Wildlife Service decided to strip the animal’s endangered species status in August 2017; furthermore, states like Wyoming and Idaho annoounced they plan to allow up to 23 grizzly bears to be put down in the region in the upcoming fall.


There is a positive spin to this story, however. Earthjustice, an environmental law firm, has decided to take the fate of the grizzlies to court and managed to pursue a federal  judge to grant an order to suspend the hunt until the US government can re-evaluate whether grizzly protection will be reinstated.


It is a small victory, but a victory nonetheless. Here is what Judge Dana L Christensen had to say about the verdict: Once a member of an threatened species has been wounded, the task of keeping that species from disappearing becomes even more challenging.


I hope we can all agree that these majestic creatures deserve protection. We can only hope that the federal government will understand the threat these grizzlies are facing and opt to reintroduce these gorgeous animals on the protected list, so all hunting games can be indefinitely cancelled. Let Mother Nature follow its course!


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